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Company Man (2000)
by Jason Clark review

An occasionally strained but overall agreeable farce, this joint effort by Peter Askin and actor/writer/director Douglas McGrath recalls films such as Dick (1999) and The Impostors (1998) in its resignation to the sillier side of revisionism. The film is visually flat, but the material produces many happy surprises, most notable in its wonderfully game cast, which includes terrific turns by Sigourney Weaver (a woefully underused comic talent), the always inventive John Turturro, and an unbilled Woody Allen, who is great fun in a surprisingly relaxed and sharply witty turn. At 81 minutes, the movie still seems slightly padded, but it's awfully hard to knock a film with such an admiration for vaudeville, and the genial tone of the movie prevents it from being too abrupt. It's a feature that is eager to please, and if one can appreciate its indulgences, it offers a healthy number of well-earned laughs.