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Colorado Sunset (1939)
by Hans J. Wollstein review

Gene Autry was at his very best in 1939, and Colorado Sunset brims with energy and good humor. The songs are fine and it is nice to see (and hear) the legendary Patsy Montana in action. But the film's biggest surprise is then-serial star "Buster" Crabbe as a bad guy. While he does redeem himself in the end but before reaching that foregone conclusion, Crabbe does his fair share of sneering. To add a bit of menace to his character, the former Flash Gordon added a dark mustache, which he all but twirls at times. Smiley Burnette, meanwhile, is fairly tolerable throughout, even for non-devotees, and June Storey, in her fourth of tenth appearances opposite Autry, is as charming as always. Only Barbara Pepper, brought in for no apparent reason, is left to fend for herself in a nothing part as the town's cafe operator and mild love interest for the tubby Burnette.