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A Woman's Vengeance (1947)
by Craig Butler review

A Woman's Vengeance is a tidy little "killer thriller" that will be a pleasant surprise for mystery fans looking for something a little off the beaten path. The setup is a familiar one, and while it's not handled with a great deal of originality, it plays things "by the book" in a neat, effective, and strangely comforting way. Everything is in its place, every point is set up in an entirely appropriate manner, and things resolve in the time-honored tradition -- inevitable, but not boring. Zoltan Korda's direction is similarly on key -- it hits all the notes just as expected, rarely surprising but always pleasing. Where Vengeance does rise above the pack a bit is in its cast. Charles Boyer and Ann Blyth are both fine, but not exceptional. But a relatively young Jessica Tandy and the dependable Cedric Hardwicke make themselves noticed and very welcome indeed. Tandy's performance is fresh and captivating, even though her "old maid" part is hardly original, and she handles her big moments with supreme confidence and ability. Hardwicke is even better, underplaying for all he is worth and mining rich veins of character with the slightest gesture or tone of voice. Mildred Natwick is also quite good, even if her part doesn't allow her to shine as do Tandy and Hardwicke. All in all, Vengeance is a very satisfying murder caper.