Stargate SG-1: Season 05 (2001)

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Although Stargate SG-1 had only been contracted to run four seasons on Showtime,the series' vast popularity dictated a fifth season--and of course a satisfactory resolution for the "cliffhanger" that had closed out the action the year before. Well, what could be more satisfactory than the death of despotic warrior king Apophis--and with Jacob Carter (Carmen Argenziano), the newly regenerated father of SG-1 crewperson Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), leading the final assault against Apophis and his minions? In fact, the producers of the series were so juiced on this season opener that they allowed to it spread over two hour-long episodes! But though Apophis is gone, the parasitic Goa'uld race is still a menace to those alternate-universe planets on the other side of the Stargate portals throughout the universe, and thus the mission of SG-1 leader Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) and his crew is far from over. Subsequent adventures include one which casts the spotlight on longtime series featured player Teryl Rothery), who in her role as Dr. Frasier, aide to Stargate Project head Gen. Hammond (Don S. Davis), must save a modern-day Cassandra (named Cassandra!) from being killed by her own visions of doom. Later, an episode titled "2001 hasn't got much to do with Stanley Kubrick), but instead is concerned with a strange and possibly universe-altering bargain from the hitherto unknown Ashen Confederacy. And in a fascinating, Pirandellian episode, O'Neill must prevent the filming of a TV show about Stargate SG-1. The most significant development of Season Five occurs during the 2-part cliffhanger finale, in which the crew comes to the aid of the planet Kelowna to forestall its destruction. In the course of the action, O'Neill's comrade in arms Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) sacrificially absorbs a fatal dose of radiation--which causes Kelownan diplomat Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) to offer his services as an SG-1 team member to compensate for his guilt over indirectly causing Jackson's demise.