Toton (1919)

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Yvonne (Olive Thomas) meets an American, David Lane (Norman Kerry), in the Latin Quarter of Paris. They fall in love and marry, but David is called home when his mother dies. Once he has left France, his father takes the opportunity to have the marriage annulled. Yvonne has a baby girl but dies shortly after giving birth, and the child is raised by Yvonne's friend, Pierre (Francis McDonald). Angered by what he sees as Lane's desertion of his wife, Pierre raises the girl, Toton (Thomas again) as a boy, training her to be a pickpocket. Years pass, and Lane returns to Paris with an adopted son, Carew (Jack Perrin), so that they can pursue their careers in art. Toton goes to work for Carew as his guide, and when Pierre breaks into their studio, he realizes that Lane is the man who left Yvonne. He reveals Toton's identity to Lane. However, Lane's honorable behavior when Paris is shelled convinces Pierre he was not responsible for making Yvonne suffer. Pierre admits to Toton he falsely represented America and her father to her, and she and Lane are reunited. When America enters the war, she and Carew marry, and he goes off to fight.