Tempered Steel (1918)

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According to the Southern-aristocrat father of Lucille Carruthers (Olga Petrova), a woman's place has always been and always will be in the home. But Lucille has a hankering for a career, and to that end joins a touring theatrical troupe. Upon reaching New York, our heroine meets a theatrical manager who promises to make her a star -- for the usual "considerations," of course. Meanwhile, Lucille's sweetheart, journeyman actor Serge Ratakin (J. Herbert Frank), becomes convinced that the girl has deserted him and begins drinking heavily. Driven insane by alcohol, Ratakin threatens to avenge himself against Lucille by ruining her beauty with a vial of acid. Defending herself, Lucille pulls out a gun and shoots at Ratakin, apparently killing him. Composing herself, Lucille heads to the theater, scores a big success with the evening's performance then turns herself over to the police. But upon investigating, police surgeon Richard Sheldon (Thomas Holding) determines that the Ratakin did not die of a gunshot wound, but was in fact struck by lightning! (One supposes that this made sense in the context of the picture). Understandably shaken by her experiences, Lucille gives up the theater and marries her "savior," Dr. Sheldon.