Stolen Triumph (1916)

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Edwin Rowley (Julius Steger) and Stephen Hunt (Harry Burkhardt) are college friends, but once they're out in the real world, their fortunes go in opposite directions. Rowley is a brilliant playwright but no businessman; Hunt, on the other hand, becomes a success as a theatrical manager. His ambitious wife (Clara Whipple) wants him to try his hand at writing, and that's when his old pal Rowley approaches him with his latest play. Hunt sees that it's a masterpiece and decides to put his own name on it. Rowley, meanwhile, has to take a menial job addressing envelopes. The play opens and when Rowley attends and realizes it's his own, he throws a fit and is tossed out of the theater. Then he goes home and tells his wife (Clara Blandick) what has happened and the shock kills her. Rowley, who has become more than half-mad, throws himself in the river. Although he is rescued, his coat is found on the shore and he is presumed dead. While he wanders around with his mind gone, Hunt admits his theft to his wife, who insists that he atone for his deed. He does so by adopting Rowley's boy, Edwin, Jr. and doing everything he can for him. Young Edwin (Edward Kenney) grows up and becomes engaged to the Hunt's girl, Alice (Raye Dean). Hunt produces another of Rowley's plays, and the announcements begin to bring his memory back. He goes to the Hunt home as Edwin Jr. and his new bride are sharing a toast. This completely restores his memory and he is happily reunited with his son. If the name Clara Blandick sounds vaguely familiar, it's because a couple decades later, she appeared in The Wizard of Oz as Aunty Em.