Stolen Treaty (1917)

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Corinne Griffith had recently been promoted from supporting roles to leads when she starred in this mystery with Earle Williams. The title explains the film's whole premise -- Prince Zarl of Zorania (Denton Vane) makes a secret pact with the United States, but the treaty is stolen, and its thieves demand a 15-million-dollar ransom. Geoffrey Wynne (Williams), a secret service man posing as a member of society, is brought in on the case, and he tracks the blackmailers to a home rented by an Italian. Since Wynne's fiancée Irene Mitchell (Griffith) wants some excitement, he sends her to the Italian's home. She pretends that her car has broken down in front of his house and he befriends her. Wynne is able to catch up with the man and chloroforms him. After removing his disguise, he discovers that the Italian is actually Prince Zarl, who wanted the money to cover his gambling debts. With the case closed, Wynne focuses on his wedding to Irene.