Sheriff's Son (1919)

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Royal Beaudry (Charles Ray) has inherited his mother's all-consuming fear, and his father, a sheriff, was killed before he was born. Royal is raised by his father's friend Dave Dingwell (John P. Lockney), but Royal never gets over his cowardice. In college, he avoids sports and has a hard time making friends. After he graduates, he discovers Dingwell has become a captive of the Rutherfords, the same cattle rustling crew who killed his father. Slowly he is forced to overcome his fear, but when he meets Beulah Rutherford (Seena Owen), alarms sound in his head. But their growing love for each other helps him overcomes his anxieties. She helps him avoid a plot to take his life and saves Dingwell. But one day Beulah goes out riding and doesn't come back. Royal finds she has fallen in a prospect hole; Dan Meldrum (Clyde Benson), Royal's rival for Beulah, had already found her, but left her there. Royal gets her out of the hole, and when Meldrum comes back, he forces him into it. On the way home, Beulah's uncle tells Royal that he killed his father because he had killed Beulah's father. The couple decide to leave this old animosity in the past, and they marry. Charles Ray's excellent, and very human, performance shows why he was so popular amongst filmgoers of the era.