Return of Mary (1918)

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A disgruntled former employee kidnaps the daughter of railroad magnate John Denby (Clarence Burton). Many years pass and Denby and his wife (Claire McDowell) still wish for the girl's return. John Graham (Frank Brownlee), an engineer on Denby's railroad, gets his train into a horrendous wreck and is convicted for negligence, even though Denby's son, Jack (Darrell Foss) begs his father to give him clemency. Before he goes to jail, Graham brings a girl, Mary (May Allison), to the Denbys home and convinces them that she is their long-lost daughter. They happily take her in and Jack becomes especially fond of her. Meanwhile, against his father's wishes, Jack gets a pardon for Graham. Mary reveals that Graham has been a father to her for most of her life, and the engineer is brought around to give an explanation. He tells the Denbys that he knew the man who kidnapped their daughter, and that the child had died. Mary is actually his own daughter and he wanted to make sure she was taken care of before he served his jail time. Mary is torn between her father and the Denbys who took such good care of her, but Jack solves the problem by saying that he knew he couldn't love a sister the way he loved Mary, and he proposes. Meanwhile, Graham is rehired by Denby and given a far more important position than the one he had before.