Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby (1921)

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This weak drama starring Elaine Hammerstein was based on a novel by Kathleen Norris. Margaret (Hammerstein) is the flighty young wife of John Kirby (William B. Donaldson) who, unbeknownst to her, is in dire financial straits. She is having a dinner one night when she receives a call from her husband, asking her to get a loan from one of her guests, Gordon Pell (Warburton Gamble). She refuses to do this, and has to suffer the taunts of Lucille Yardsley (Ellen Cassidy), who wanted Kirby for herself and is gloating over his absence. When Kirby comes home later, he confesses that he is ruined financially and expresses his unhappiness at the valuable necklace that Margaret has accepted from Pell. He becomes so depressed that he takes poison and, although he doesn't die, he comes close. While he is convalescing, Margaret is forced to turn the downstairs area of their home into a boarding house. Kirby is unaware of any of this until one evening he is well enough to wander downstairs. The shock of his discovery sends him to a sanatorium. Lucille, determined to end the marriage, sends Kirby a telegram asking for a divorce and signs it "Margaret," then she sends a message to Margaret, supposedly written by her husband, asking her not to visit him. It is Pell who straightens everything out, and effects a reconciliation between Kirby and Margaret.