Painted World (1914)

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It's just possible that Vitagraph didn't take this three-reel backstage yarn too seriously: the studio advertised the picture as "a semi-theatrical drama of thrilling intensity" (sounds like an episode of Dudley Do-Right). Raised to believe that her mother Elois (Julia Swayne Gordon), is dead, 18-year-old Yvette Muree (Anita Stewart) is aghast to learn that mom is -- horrors! -- a burlesque queen. Even worse, Elois is saddled with a drunken lout of a husband (Harry Northrup), who pops up now and then to beat his wife to a pulp. Feeling that nothing she can say or do will wipe away the disgrace of the situation, Elois resorts to the most drastic measures available: She kills Yvette, and then herself, but not before arranging the evidence so that her tosspot husband will be accused of the double murder. "Intense" it was; "good" it wasn't.