Money Isn't Everything (1918)

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During WWI, Margarita Fischer changed the spelling of her last name to the less Germanic sounding "Fisher." This move didn't affect the screen vehicles in which she appeared, and this pleasant comedy-drama (thankfully) was devoid of propaganda, soldiers, and Huns. Penniless Margery (Fischer) meets with Franklyn, a young lawyer (Jack Mower), to find out how to make money. Franklyn, who is pretty poor himself, has no advice to offer, but he does come up with a scheme. Since Margery is stunningly beautiful, he suggests that she rent herself out, and since he's convinced that she's lacking in brains, he offers to manage the "Beauty to Let" corporation. Margery makes a nice income for being a guest at various dinners and teas, and both Henry Rockwell (J. Norris Foster) and "Diamond Tim" Moody (Wedgewood Nowell) want to marry her. Rockwell asks Franklyn to propose to Margery for him, but she insists that if money is the object she would prefer Moody. Franklyn locks her in her apartment so she can't get to Moody, but she escapes down the fire escape when she finds out that Moody has swindled Franklyn in a real estate deal. Franklyn tracks her down to Moody's bedroom. Moody discovers both of them there and sends for the police. When everything is cleared up, Moody gets his just desserts. Margery and Franklyn discover that they love each other and that, yes, money isn't everything.