Life Savers (1916)

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This Vim comedy uses trick photography for its underwater scenes -- the Jacksonville, FL, outfit didn't exactly have the budget or the equipment for real underwater photography (which, in any case, was a very rare technique in the 1910s). Plump (Oliver Hardy) and Runt (Billy Ruge) both dream of rescuing someone and becoming heroes. When a gorgeous diver, Miss Aqua (Ray Godfrey), comes to town, Plump and Runt both fall in love with her. Since she's nice enough to them, they figure that at least one of them has a chance of winning her love, and the pressure to become real heroes begins. Runt digs a hole in an ocean bed, but it's Plump who comes to the rescue when someone falls in. Unfortunately, he goes under and Runt has to go to his rescue. Miss Aqua gives a performance during which she pretends to be going under. Plump and Runt rush to help, Plump in his flivver and Runt in his boat. But Plump's car explodes and it capsizes Runt's boat, so they're slightly delayed in their arrival. After "rescuing" the young woman, they discover there is already a Mr. Aqua and the disappointed men leap back into the water.