I Dadahes (1979)

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Nikos Zapatinas directed this rare Greek attempt at the sort of macabre weirdness being explored at the time (far more darkly) in Italian films like Buio Omega and Macabre. Based on a play by Yiorgos Skourtis, who adapted it for the screen, the film tells the story of a wealthy eccentric (Nikitas Tsakiroglou) who hires two men as servants and companions to his wife. Unfortunately, his wife is an embalmed corpse whom the man still believes to be alive, beautiful, and deserving of all the best things his money can buy. One of the men (Vangelis Kazan) decides to go along with it, because the job promises money and entertaining times, but the other (Thimios Karakatsanis) is thoroughly revolted by the prospect and wants to get away from the crazy old man and his dead wife as fast as his feet will carry him. Naturally, his disobedience gets him murdered, leading to a rather chilling conclusion.