Drivin' Fool (1923)

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Wallace Reid, famous for his speed-mad films, may have died earlier in 1923, but another Wally, Wally Van, stepped in to keep the genre alive and lively with this fast-paced comedy-drama. Hal Locke (Van) dearly loves Sylvia Moorehead (Patsy Ruth Miller), but her father (Alec B. Francis) does not approve. Hal is a speed demon who is constantly getting citations for his reckless driving. But the day comes when Hal's fault becomes an asset; an important check which safeguards all of Moorhead's assets has been delayed in the mail and the railroads have been halted by a strike. Now Hal's lead foot comes in handy, and he promises to deliver the check cross-country to New York in a mere six days (a feat in the days before routine airplane travel, faxes, and the Internet). He makes his deadline, but not without his fair share of wild adventures and delays set up by Moorhead's business rival. Needless to say, Hal wins the girl for his efforts.



bankruptcy, business-financing, race/ethnicity, race-against-time