Court-Martialed (1915)

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The same year that Imp-Universal made this three-reeler, a British film was released with the same name. Neither were related to the other. As the title implies, it revolves around military life, but it focuses on honor instead of war. Alan Holubar plays Jules, the dishonest son of a troop commander (William Welsh). Jules, who himself is an officer, steals some important papers from his stern father in order to pay off a gambling debt, and pins the deed on a man (Hobart Henley), who is his rival for the affections of a girl (Frances Nelson). For the better part of the film, Henley has to suffer unfairly, but eventually Jules' mother (Lydia Knott) finds evidence of her son's wrongdoing. The father believes that his son should pay for his disloyalty, no matter the price, and Jules is court martialed for his crime.