City Warriors (1988)

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Former Hong Kong action star Johnny Wang directed this fast-paced and violent crime film about a Chinese soldier named Lok Han (Dick Wei) who takes an arranged tour of Hong Kong in order to locate his long-lost sister Ying-ying (Carina Lau from Ashes of Time). Unfortunately, he discovers that her evil husband, a triad gangster, has been pimping her out for two years under the pretenses of eventually taking her to the United States. Lok Han informs the police, who stage a raid on the home of prominent incumbent politician Chor Ping (Chor Yuen), who is discovered to be running a crime ring involving both drug smuggling and prostitution. Ying-ying is found at his house during the raid, and could destroy Chor Ping's political career if she decides to testify against him. His impending ruination naturally leads Chor Ping to take any means necessary to ensure Ying-ying's silence, setting up the requisite gunplay and bloodshed. Ko Chuen-hsiang co-stars with Shum Wai (as a transvestite madam) and Phillip Chan.