Alfred Palca

Active - 1951 - 1951  |   Born - Jan 1, 1920   |   Died - Jun 19, 1998   |   Genres - Comedy Drama

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Blacklisting in the '50s ended Alfred Palca's career before it even started. Palca penned the screenplay for a popular film about the Harlem Globetrotters, Go, Man, Go! (1951). Just before the film's release, the FBI accused Palca of being a communist, in part because he had once been interested in socialist ideology and also because he hired African American actor Sidney Poitier to play a role in the movie. Palca was promptly blackballed and no one would distribute his film until he removed his name from the credits. Palca never again involved himself with the movies, preferring instead to write for magazines and television shows as well as the occasional play. With Monte Ghertler, Palca penned a nonfiction book, The Couple. In 1997, Palca's name was restored to the credits of Go, Man Go! as part of a ceremony commemorating those writers and directors discredited during the McCarthy era.